Florence Review

Florence is a bittersweet game. Its narrative can be described as such as well, with its joyous moments being extremely touching and wonderful, while its lows are crushing and devastating. But the game as a whole feels to me as bittersweet as its story: it has so many good ideas and moments of gameplay that evoke the emotion and feelings of the story so well, yet the experience as a whole had left me wanting more.

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Sonic Mania Review

I have very fond memories of Sonic. Some of my first video games ever were Sonic games, specifically Sonic and Knuckles which I played on some weird proprietary software running on Adobe Shockwave along with the Sonic Advance games. So when I saw the announcement of Sonic Mania last year, I was extremely excited. But then a little hesitant because this is the company who made Sonic ’06. However, as more and more was revealed I saw that his truly was a labour of love made with the utmost respect for the franchise’s roots. Thankfully, these hopes were paid off with a game that lives up to the hype, but with a few road bumps on the journey.

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Splatoon 2 Review

Splatoon 2 doesn’t feel like much of a sequel. It honestly feels like an expansion pack or big update, something akin to the amount of content Overwatch has received since the year that has passed since its launch. However, the majority of its merits (and some of its issues) do come from the fact that it’s on the Nintendo Switch. So is Splatoon 2 as fresh as a new catch straight from the ocean? Quite likely, but it does seem a bit fishy.

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ARMS Review

ARMS is going to be a divisive game with the public.

Within my circle of friends who play video games, which includes players of various skill levels and who favour different genres, the game has a mixed reaction. The friends who prefer fighting games like it to an extent, but feel that it’s limited. Those who are more into turn based and strategy games are frustrated with the lack of explanation of the key mechanics despite the fact that the game is marketed as accessible. However, I absolutely agree with the critical praise it has been receiving and personally side with them more (if the fact that I have happily and continue to play Ranked matches is not an indicator of that). In short, I really love ARMS.

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REPOST: Kamen Rider Drive Episode 21 Review

(This review originally appeared on http://www.moderngafa.com/ before the change in web providers)


This week’s Drive continues highlighting the ethical dilemma over the Roiimudes’ morality by giving more focus to everyone’s bad boy Chase! Again Sanjo continues the expert writing on this theme from last week, which in fact could be a well needed experimentation with episode formats. We also get a BRIEF look at Type Formula!

Check after the jump for more details and my full review!

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