Yakuza 6 Accidentally Released for Free

Sega released their new game accidentally for free via its demo

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life already made headlines this week for its demo being bigger than some other games, clocking in at 36.53 GB; this is as the demo is, in fact, the full game.

The demo allows for the player to play the prologue section of the game and come to a screen prompting them to purchase an unlock code to seamlessly continue playing the rest of the game. This also meant that all EXP, main story and side-mission progress, along with the player’s inventory, will be able to be transferred to the full game once it releases.


However, this backfired for Sega as some North American players were able to simply continue playing the game uninterrupted. Sega swiftly removed the demo from the North American PlayStation Store and offered a statement saying as such on Twitter. A Sega representative later said on the Yakuza subreddit that players who accidentally got the full game would not have their accounts banned or lose any progress, but that their trophies would not carry over to the full release. It was also reported that those who had these free version of the game had their licenses for the game revoked.    


This all in all is simply an amusing and harmless situation that had good intentions at its core. It makes sense for a developer to simply release a demo that is the full game and gate the rest of the content behind a purchase as it would reduce the amount of dev time and effort to produce a separate demo. However as this case has shown, there are potential consequences to this sort of release. Thankfully Sega’s response to this situation has been very positive and helpful as there were no serious repercussions for those who were lucky enough to get the full game for free.


Yakuza 6: Song of Life releases April 17th, 2018 worldwide on the PS4.


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