My Favourite Games (that I played) in 2017

So 2017 has been a busy year for me. I wrote a dissertation, graduated and got a day job. This led me to think that I hadn’t played that many games this year. But upon further thought, I had played more than I remembered I did; it’s just that some of the games just fell to the back of my brain. So with this list, I’m going to discuss which ones really stuck out to me during this hectic year and warranted being remembered by my tired, tired brain. Here are my top games of 2017 (In no particular order).

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Now I wasn’t too excited for this game when it was first announced at E3 2017. I had once attempted to play its predecessor, Wolfenstein: The New Order, years ago but never finished it. But the more I saw of The New Colossus, the more intrigued I became; and the more Nazi-filled this year frustratingly became, the urge to play the game grew. When I finally got the chance to play it, it was more than I expected. The gameplay fit the themes well (especially the stripping of BJ’strength), the story was very resonant and the political issues were tackled with tact and care. Who’d have thought a Nazi shooting game would go beyond that and truly explore what resistance means and how tiring it can be, but that we can draw strength from others, help them and in the end prevail together.

Splatoon 2

Now I was extremely excited for this game when it was first announced. I already was in love with the first game so having it on my new-favourite-console to travel around with it was tantalising. It certainly did not disappoint. The game oozes style, fun and all in all was just a good time. It may have fallen by the wayside since it was nothing particularly new, but more of a good thing is still better than nothing at all. Hopefully, I can get back into and shoot more ink all over the place.

Sonic Mania

Yet another game from this year that I knew I was going to love from the word go. When that first trailer dropped, I was already hooked. I’d been playing Sonic since as far back as I could remember and having a brand new Sonic in the style that I grew up with was very exciting. Add to that the amazing music Sega used from Hyper Potions, as well as Tyson Heese’s opening cinematic and I, was ready to love the game. And love it I did. It’s beautiful recreation of the old design and feel of the game, the beautiful aesthetics and wonderful music all made it one of the most fun games I’d played in a while and this year.

Super Mario Odyssey

Now I haven’t been the biggest Mario fan in life. I’m always interested in them and what they do, but I never waited with bated breath for every release. Things changed with Super Mario Odyssey. Now I didn’t get on the hype train with all the trailers but became interested through word-of-mouth and reviews. Boy howdy am I glad I listened to others’ opinions. It was one of the single most wonderful experiences I have ever had playing a video game and I welled up and cried multiple times. With its charm and fantastic and genuinely smart gameplay, this is certainly a trip I won’t stop anytime soon.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild from the word go took my breath away. It is one of the most fulfilling games there is to date and it changed my mind on the Open World style of games which I usually hate. It was a gorgeous game filled to the brim with beauty, its ethos of guiding the player in subtle ways and its emphasis on emergent gaming all made it simply one of the best games of the year. It finally made me care deeply about this franchise with its heartbreaking story and I can’t wait for more.


There were a lot of games that I missed this year that I’m sure I would have put on here such as Persona 5 or Yakuza 0, but alas I’ll have to tackle them in 2018. Let’s hope the New Year brings us more classics like 2017 did.


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